2023 Track Meet Results 

Date:  4/1/2023
Meet:      YDLS             Results: Click here

Date: 4/15/2023
Meet:     Titans Track Classic              Results: Click here

Date: 4/22/2023

Meet:      18th BTH Invitational             Results: Click Here

Date: 5/6/2023
Meet:  Charlotte Flights Devlopmental Meet         Results: Click here

Date: 5/20/2023
Meet:   Titians Track Classic         Results: Click here

Date:  5/27/2023
Meet:    Johnson -Riley           Results: Click Here

Date:  June 9th – June 11th
Meet: NC District Qualifiers              Results: Click here

Date: 6/17/2023
Meet:     Jim Law Invitational              Results: Click here

Date: 6/25/23 – 7/2/23
Meet:  AAU Region 25 Qualifier    Results: Click Here

Meet:                   Results:

Meet:                   Results:

Meet:                   Results:

Meet:                   Results:

Please Note:

‘*’ – Indicates that the Meet is

The 2023 Track schedule is subject to change, due to cancellation, location change, etc, please make sure you’re keeping update to date via GroupMe, Instagram, Facebook, or you can contact the Coaches directly .

If you have any questions, please contact team Coach AJ at 336-451-0370 or Coach Reggie Smith at 704-900-4372.