2022 Track Meet Results

Saturday, April 2, 2022
Meet: Diamond League*                      Results: http://milesplit.live/meets/472023

Saturday, April 16,2022
Meet: Titian Track Chapman High*                      Results: http://results.tfmeetpro.com/Network_Timing_LLC/2022_Titan_Track_Classic/

Saturday, April 23,2022
Meet: Bring the Heat Invitational               Results:  https://results.adkinstrak.com/meets/14336

Saturday, April 30,2022
Meet: 2022 Ken Roberts Challenge                      Results: https://results.adkinstrak.com/meets/15007

Saturday, May 7,2022
Meet: Charlotte Flight UNCC                     Results: https://results.charlotteflights.org/meets/12414

Saturday, May 7 – 8,2022
Meet: Batman Jackson Invitational                      Results: 

Sunday, May 15,2022
Meet: Allstar Opener*                      Results:  http://live.ptgrouponline.com/meets/483390

Saturday, May 21, 2022
Meet: ROF Invitational*                    Results: https://www.timinginc.com

Friday, May 27-29,2022
Meet: Mark Trail Discovery HS*                      Results: http://live.ptgrouponline.com/meets/484807

Saturday, May 28,2022
Meet: Johnson-Riley                  Results: 


Saturday, June 4-5,2022
Meet: AAU District Meet                   Results: http://milesplit.live/meets/485991

Required for Junior Oplympics Advancement. Top 16 advance to Region 25

Saturday, June 18-19,2022
Meet: Jim Law                    Results: https://live.athletic.net/meets/12417

Thursday, June 23 –  June 26, 2022
Meet: AAU Region 25                 Results: http://milesplit.live/meets/486414

Required for Junior Oplympics Advancement. Top 8 advance

Saturday, July 9, 2022
Meet: NC United Outdoor Classic                     Results:


Monday, July 11 – 12,2022
Meet: AAU Primary Club Nationals*                     Results: http://image2.aausports.org/sports/athletics/results/2022/primary/index.htm

 Ages 5,6,7,8 Only

Tuesday, July 12 – 16,2022
Meet: AAU Club Nationals*                      Results: http://image2.aausports.org/sports/athletics/results/2022/club/index.htm

All Ages (5,6,7, run with 8 and under age group)

Saturday, July 30 – Aug 6,2022
Meet: AAU Junior Olympic Games                  Results: http://image2.aausports.org/sports/athletics/results/2022/jogames/index.htm

Must Qualify

Please Note:

‘*’ – Indicates that the Meet is

The 2022 Track schedule is subject to change, due to cancellation, location change, etc, please make sure you’re keeping update to date via GroupMe, Instagram, Facebook, or you can contact the Coaches directly .

If you have any questions, please contact team Coach Reggie Smith at 704-900-4372 or Coach Anthony at 336-451-0370.